Snoop Dogg Says He Fainted After Seeing Tupac in the Hospital

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Snoop Dogg is reliving Tupac Shakur’s final days.

Twenty-six years since Pac passed away, Snoop is recalling what happened when he visited his friend in the hospital after he was shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in September 1996.

Speaking with Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast, Snoop said that he drove to Suge Knight’s house after hearing about the shooting. Once there, Suge tried to comfort him by assuring him that Pac was going to make it.

But he didn’t realize the magnitude of the situation until he saw Pac himself. “We feeling like it’s gonna be alright until we go to the hospital and see that it ain’t alright. He got tubes in him,” said Snoop, who passed out upon seeing Pac.

“When I walked in, I could just feel like he wasn’t even there and I fainted,” he revealed.

Pac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, told Snoop to snap out of it and go speak to Pac. “Then his mother got me up and walked me in the bathroom and had a conversation with me about being strong. She was like, ‘My baby ain’t never seen you weak. I don’t want you to be weak in front of him. You go in the bathroom and fix yourself up and you go back in there and you talk to him and you tell him how you feel. My baby loves you.’”

Tupac’s mother left them alone so Snoop could speak to her son one last time. “She knew there was a little tension, but she knew how much we loved each other. So she gave us a moment for me to say some things to him as far as how much I love him. But I knew that that was gonna be my last time speaking with him.”

Pac died days later on Sept. 7, 1996. He was 25 years old.

After the interview was released, some fans questioned Snoop’s story. “Love Snoop but his story always change or something keep getting added to the stories,” commented one Instagram user, while another was skeptical of his version of events. “I thought Snoop didn’t even make it to the hospital.”

During the interview, Snoop also spoke about a “treasured moment” with Kobe Bryant and revealed what happened on set of Katy Perry’s video for their 2010 hit “California Gurls.”

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