Ari Lennox Says She Wants to Be Dropped By Her Label

todayJanuary 23, 2022 3

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Ari Lennox is feeling the pressure.

The R&B songstress has threatened to quit music after facing criticism on social media. “I want to be dropped from the labels. I’m done and tired,” she tweeted on Sunday (Jan. 23).

Earlier in the week, the “Pressure” singer did an interview with South African podcaster Mac G, who asked her a blunt question about her sex life. Lennox was taken aback, while the interviewer suggested that he was referencing a lyric from one of her early songs, “Pop.”

“I just feel slow and ambushed and blindsighted,” Lennox tweeted after the interview was released. “Just because I happily and freely sing/write about sex don’t make any kind of creepy disrespect warranted. I clearly was in immense shock and hate that I didn’t react differently.”

She received backlash from some Twitter users who blamed her for bringing the question upon herself. She also said she was done doing interviews and vowed to never visit South Africa. “South Africa! Y’all got it!!! Heard you loud and clear. This won’t be a place I will ever visit,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

The Dreamville signee went on to share her frustration over the constant judgement and scrutiny she faces on social media.

“I’m always ‘complaining’ but my twitter drama is the only thing blogs repost. I’m my best and worst publicist,” she added. “People ‘complaining’ about me ‘complaining.’”

“sm is a traumatizing unhealthy place. You are only accepted here if your perfect and seemingly happy at all times. When every single life knows that’s not realistic. People cry, people complain, people are mad in real life. I just never cared to be a fake ass bitch.”

However, she admitted that she was not drama free. “I am problematic it’s all karma,” she wrote. “And when I said I felt like this was my karma. I’m aware I’ve said some incredibly insensitive and dumb ass shit in the past. No need to keep reminding me of the regret I feel every day.”

She also had a message for her critics who continue to put her down. “Christ sakes. I realize I have no hits. I realize you all can live without hearing my music. I realize my complaining is so aggravating to y’all . I don’t ask blogs to post me when I’m at my worst. You judgemental self hating parasites wouldn’t last a day as a signed artist.”

Added Lennox, “Complaining that I’m complaining about the shit I’m going through meanwhile in real life you’re just as unhappy just as fucked up. You crying in the car too. Somebody calling you insensitive and dramatic too. You could never be honest about your demons.”

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