Jack Harlow Says Women Must Sign NDAs To Hang Out With Him

todayOctober 22, 2021 1

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If you want to get it poppin’ with Jack Harlow, be prepared to sign an NDA.

Fresh off his No. 1 single with Lil Nas X, the chart-topping rapper reveals the lengths he has to go to keep his love life private. Speaking with GQ Hype, Harlow said he makes women sign a non-disclosure agreement before they have relations, something he previously rapped about on his song “21C/Delta.”

“I talked about it on my album; it’s my NDA record,” he told the U.K. magazine. “And then Billie [Eilish] released one about it more recently, so it’s being talked about more, for sure. The lyrics go: ‘First name, last name, date of birth / make a bad bitch sign the paperwork…’ But it’s a real thing.”

His female acquaintances must agree to sign the NDA before entering the room because he doesn’t want his business on the internet. And if you’re not willing to sign, you’ll have to leave.

“But sometimes it’s just to hang out,” he explained. “And that’s solely to establish the idea that, ‘Hey, my texts aren’t meant for your friends.’ Our time together is for us. And I present it, like, ‘Hey, listen, if you don’t want to sign this you don’t have to. This is a unique situation. And if you don’t want to do it that’s totally fine, but this is what needs to happen for us to be able to hang out. I just want us to hang out; I don’t want this to be a thing on the internet.’”

While most women sign the paperwork, some have consulted with lawyers first. “They’re like, ‘Give me a few hours…’”

In the interview, Harlow also opened up about the opposition he faced from people on his own team when it came to collaborating with Lil Nas X on their hit “Industry Baby,” which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“I had people in my corner that didn’t recommend I do that song, that don’t want to watch that video, you know?” he said. “But I just realize there is a fundamental difference with how the world is seen by some people. Some people think certain things are wrong. There are some people, at the root level – although they don’t want to hurt any gays; they don’t hate gays – they think it is wrong, whether it’s religion or whatever reason it is. But for me, I have never been this way. Never.”

He also praised his “fearless” collaborator. “That’s what attracted me to [Lil Nas X] as an artist: he’s at the front and centre of it, fearlessly. But, you know, there is a long way to go.”

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