NLE Choppa Claims He Helped Someone Beat Cancer

todayJune 10, 2021

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NLE Choppa can add healer to his résumé.

The “Final Warning” rapper took to Twitter on Thursday, claiming that he helped someone overcome cancer through his NLE Health & Wellness line, which includes natural products like herbs, sea moss, chlorophyll, and detox tee.

“Wow man just was informed I helped cure someone from cancer. This Major To Me,” he tweeted.

Choppa said this is not the first time he has exercised his healing powers. “I know the impact and what they can do for the mind, body, and spirit,” he added. “I’ve healed people of allergic reactions in my own house, helped Unc with diabetes, and now cancer. Beyond blessed we here to help and heal.”

NLE sells the wellness products on his website, with prices ranging from $8 for Palo Santo sticks to $190 for a signed spiritual kit including sage, mugwort, and crystals.

And for those who are skeptical of his healing methods, he has a message. “It’s funny cause some people think I’m lying, which is understandable but that’s nowhere near the case,” he said. “Curing disease is simple, it takes a meatless, dairy free, sugar free diet. Implant herbs, Sea mosses, black seed, neem, and other herbs. My mugwort was included in her diet.”

Choppa has often promoted his clean lifestyle on social media, but in March, the 18-year-old MC was arrested on multiple drugs and weapon charges including possession of the generic version of Xanax called Alprazolam.

However, he says it was all a set up and someone planted the substances on him. “To begin when you start changing lives around you and began to stand for something deep in your purpose you become a target to a certain group of people and also the devil,” he tweeted. “During this arrest I was setup, substances were planted on me that I don’t consume/use/own, my name was lied upon, and I was even mistreated in the process.”

He vowed to have his name cleared. “Every media outlet, news channel, and etc covered this story to paint a picture on a new surface I’ve been working so hard to create,” he said. “This case will be beat and I will walk a free man, remember it’s innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent.”

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